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Thank you Shauna for organizing my pantry! I’m so happy with the outcome and wanted to share my experience. Initially, I was a little embarrassed that I needed help organizing such a nightmare pantry. It’s so much smaller than my last house and with 2 big sons eating me out of house and home, I thought it would be impossible to make it organized AND functional for them.

Davis_Lisa Pantry_BEFORE2Shauna and I had our initial meeting and I expressed my concerns, what I would like to get out of it (more space and a self-sufficient organizational solution). She did not judge me, she asked me several questions that I had never thought of such as what will you do with the extra space that you will get out of organizing? What? I could have the pantry organized with everything in there AND get extra space? Sign me up!

As we moved through the process, she offered me many different solutions working within my budget. She also showed me ways to upgrade to higher cost solutions later if I so choose to do that.

The big day came and I was very hopeful about becoming more organized. As a working mother of two, I don’t have a lot of time to spend meticulously putting groceries in containers as I can barely keep up with all my demands. But I digress,…we pulled everything out of the pantry, put the items into common groupings, I was able to clean it, then we started going through everything. I didn’t know I had five jars of Pumpkin Pie spice – who needs all that?! Apparently I did since I wasn’t taking inventory of what I had before going to the store since I couldn’t find where everything was anyways (I do love to bake,…). This is just one example of wasted money I had been spending.

Davis_Lisa Pantry_AFTER2After throwing away what was expired, almost empty, stale and oh, by the way empty bags (again thanks to two big sons) we were ready to start putting the items into the labeled containers. Then came the next step which was putting everything back into the pantry. With Shauna’s help and guidance, she showed me where things logically should go (if we use items all the time, they need to be at arms -reach); items not used often need to be on the top shelf. Do you know, I was able to pull items from my kitchen cabinets and put them into the pantry, too, with all the extra space I had? I ended up gaining kitchen cabinet space by organizing my pantry – brilliant! So, she showed me what I should put into the extra cabinet space. Talk about customer service!

I am thrilled with my new, organized pantry. It has been two weeks now and four grocery trips later. The boys are putting away the groceries AND putting them into the correct, labeled containers. Now I know what spices and inventory I have I on hand when I am preparing for our meals and baking adventures! This is already giving me a savings because now I know if I have bread crumbs, tomato sauce, etc.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Organized by Design Experts for your organizational needs. You won’t find anyone else with the patience, creative ideas, non-judgmental attitude and experience like OBDE! I have to say it again, thank you Shauna! Can we do my master bedroom closet next?